Can I print a conversation?

Yes! Simply visit the "Visitors" tab. Select the conversation you wish to print. Then, print as you would print anything on your computer. Things should be nicely formatted and in line for you.

Is Lively Chat Support completely free?

Yes, but there are a few premium addons. They are:

* Chat from your phone - perfect for the small business owner. Through SMS (text messages), you'll be able to stay in touch with the visitors on your website.

* Triggers - start conversations based on your specified criteria. For example, if they've been on your checkout page too long, ask them "Do you need help checking out?".

* Surveys - quick and unintrusive, surveys are a great way to learn more about your visitors (who love giving their input!).

Why are the timestamps in my chatbox wrong?

You probably haven't set your timezone. You can do so in the General settings page of Wordpress.

For SMS, how do I handle multiple conversations?

Each message you receive begins with a small token and a colon (eg. 4k2:).

To respond to a specific conversation, type "4k2: YOUR MESSAGE HERE".

If you don't include this token in your response, we'll just send it back to the last updated conversation.

Why doesn't my SMS doesn't work?

* Ensure your phone numbers include the country code (1 for North America, 44 for UK, etc.)

* The Wordpress ajax requests require access to the back end of your site. Ensure remote IPs aren't blocked for your back end, or you won't be able to send or receive SMS.

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